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Sign Language Products by Deaf Children Australia

Deaf Children Australia is a not-for-profit advocacy group based in Melbourne. From time to time they have been able to utilise the skills and expertise of their staff to produce resources to help people learning Auslan.

Bilby Publishing distribute these products for Deaf Children Australia.
These include (all detailed on this page):
Dictionary Of Auslan.
Auslan Phrase Book
Beyond Ordinary
Teach Yourself Auslan : Beginners
Auslan For Families
Breaking the Sound Barrier

Dictionary of Auslan - Winner of the most popular Auslan Dictionary (Adult)
Deaf Children Australia's Dictionary won the award for Most Popular Auslan Dictionary for Adults in the Auslan Product awards in 2009 to read all the results

Dictionary of Auslan
The Dictionary of AUSLAN was originally developed by the Victorian College for the Deaf and has been revised and re-published by Deaf Children Australia; who are a national, non-profit organisation committed to the needs of Deaf children across Australia.

This dictionary could not have been possible without the dedicated work of Brian Bernal and Lyn Wilson. This is the second edition of the "Dictionary of AUSLAN" produced by Deaf Children Australia (formally VCDC). The dictionary was edited by Lyn Wilson and Brian Bernal and now includes a number of regional sign variations.

This new edition is spiral bound, which makes it much easier to use than any other dictionary we have come across. The latest delivery has an excellent plastic cover.

All entries within the dictionary are placed alphabetically. It's easy to flip through until you find the word you want. There is also an Alphabetical Index.

The dictionary uses over 3500 photo based images, with directional arrows showing motion, which are extemely beneficial to new or novice users (see example left).
This dictionary is available through Bilby Publishing to retail and wholesale customers.

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Auslan Phrase Book - A Reference to Workplace Auslan Signs

Auslan Phrase book Most work colleagues of deaf employees have little or no previous exposure to Auslan and in many workplaces extensive Auslan training is just not feasible. Individual signs gleaned from a dictionary don’t necessarily translate into useful workplace concepts or language and usually interpreters are utilised sparingly because of unavailability or because of the costs involved.

The purpose of this book is to provide a quick reference to common workplace signs and concepts for deaf employees and their colleagues. Deaf Children Australia used the research involved in making the Deaf Children Australia Dictionary of Auslan to create a phrase book that will assist employers, colleagues and deaf employee’s make the workplace more accessible for all.

We can not currently accept orders for this product, sorry
This book has been out of print for over 18 months, we will update this page as soon as the situation changes.
Instead try the new book Auslan for your Workplace featured at the top of the Dictionary Section.

This new AND extensive workplace guide divides signs under the topics: Reception, Communication, Asking Questions, Office Supplies, Pronouns and People, Times and Dates, Directions, Instructions, Descriptions, Lunch Break, Social signs, Occupations Each sign listing not only includes signs with detailed descriptions, but also hints to help you remember the sign and context information. Topics also include sentence and phrase examples and a gentle introduction to Auslan grammar. This book includes signs for 569 words, PLUS over 102 phrases
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Beyond Ordinary : growing up deaf
Beyond Ordinary : growing up deaf This DVD contains first hand accounts of growing up deaf or hearing impaired in Australia. Interviewees (and their parents) talk about their lives from diagnosis, through schooling, learning to read and write, and out in the workplace. How things changed during their lives. What worked, what didn’t.

Parents talk about what information and services they were provided, and what they weren’t. The deaf and hearing impaired interviewees also talk about the greater world and how they each reached their own potential in a variety of fields of human achievement.

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Auslan For beginners : CDROM Teach Yourself Auslan : Beginners
CDROM for Windows only

Auslan For beginners : CDROM This CDROM is a self paced learning tool for beginners to Auslan that includes over 250 signs under the categories Numbers (1-20), Ordinals (1st, 2nd etc), Ages, O’clock, More (1 more, 2 more etc), Family, People, Questions, Verbs, Pronouns, Household, Greeting, Time, and eating.

Watch the video clip of each sign in the category individually, then see the signs used in sentences. Then go to the activity section and play games to test your knowledge.

The CDROM includes northern and southern variations but does not include voice over and does require reading.

Note: In testing we found some video clips strobe and flickered a little, which may distress an epileptic person.

Auslan for Familes : DVD and CDROM set Auslan for Families : DVD and CDROM set
The DVD includes 5 episodes of ‘Auslan For Families’, and Auslan based serial that introduces the audience to Auslan through everyday family events. Episodes are divided into the themes Family, School, Shopping, Food and play.

A voice over track makes the stories easy to follow for beginners. There is also an accompanying vocabulary section for each episode that demonstrates each sign used in the story ... great for practice.

On the CD you will find a 107 page pdf book that depicts colour photographs of the signs covered in each episode.

Breaking the Sound Barrier Breaking the Sound Barrier
This collection of 9 inspiring stories for families of newly diagnosed deaf and hard of hearing children. Five parents describe their personal experiences in dealing with the diagnosis and embracing the challenges of raising a deaf child in a hearing world. Five deaf adults describe their own journey with hearing loss and paint an honest picture of the struggles and barriers they have encountered being deaf in a hearing world.

Each story in the book offers a candid insight into the world of deafness – the highs and lows, the joys and the tears; what helped and what hindered them and offers advice to other parents of deaf children.
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